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Invert Style Swim Fins Roberto Bruno Signature

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The Invert Style Swim Fins hits US the market with new colors that bear the signature of our top athletes in the world. Invert Style Swim fins  is the most comfortable and most propelled fin on the market today for body boarding. The color Dark Blue / Light Blue was chose to represent one of the world top riders Roberto Bruno from Brazil that has his signature on the fins.

It's floating, light and soft, 100% natural Eco-friendly rubber, asymmetric with a soft pocket creates a great comfort for your feet during long session of surfing. It's also has a hard blade for maximum propulsion and acceleration that you need for any type of condition during your body boarding session, swimming or diving, technological design created for perfect fit to the feet, has a exclusive, unique and wide drainage system to facilitate the flow of sand and gravel from sea shells, also widely used by aquatic rescue team.           


  • Floating, light and comfortable.
  • Asymmetric blades.
  • Technological design for better fit and comfort to the feet.
  • Hard blade gives you maximum propulsion, acceleration.
  • Exclusive, unique and wide drainage drainage system.
  • 100% natural Eco-friendly rubber does not harm the environment
Tested and approved by professional athletes from Brazil, United States and Hawaii with over 15 years of experience in sports.